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Ablative Prostate Cancer Services

The UC Irvine Health Ablative Oncology Center's urologic oncologists use the most advanced and least invasive therapies to treat urological malignancies, including cancer of the prostate. The precision made possible by percutaneous cryosurgery is ideal for treating some prostate cancers, in which the target site is tightly confined and surrounded by nerves that affect urinary control and erectile function.

Prostate with Stage II tumor

What is percutaneous cryosurgery of the prostate?

Percutaneous cryoablation of the prostate involves the use of an advanced computer system integrated with high-resolution ultrasound guidance to target areas within the prostate that contain cancer. Using the latest generation of cryoablation systems and real-time ultrasound guidance, UC Irvine Health prostate cancer specialists place thin (2 millimeters in diameter) cryoprobes into the prostate gland through which very cold gas is introduced. The resulting ice ball is sculpted to fit the individual patient’s prostate size and contour.

During the procedure, multiple temperature-sensing probes are also inserted to ensure that nearby organs and tissues—including the bladder, rectum, urethra and neurovascular bundles—are kept within safe temperature ranges. A bladder catheter is also used to keep the urethra warm during the procedure and also to promote healing.

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For more information about ablative prostate treatment or to make an appointment, please contact us at 714-456-7005.

Clinical Team

Dr. Edward Uchio, UC Irvine urologic cancer specialist Edward Uchio, MD
Urologic oncologist

Dr. Uchio is a fellowship-trained urologist specializing in urologic oncology. He has experience in performing open surgery as well as minimally invasive surgery. Trained in ablative techniques, he is one of the few surgeons in Orange County using the least invasive methods to treat prostate and kidney cancers. His research interests include improving patient outcomes in the treatment of urologic cancers.

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